Helping our Partners Destigmatize Transformative Medicines.

The world's fastest growing marketing partner for holistic wellness practitioners and life science organizations. 
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We're focused on one industry

We don't just work with anyone. We solely focus on health and wellness companies.


Because that's what we care about most.

Read more about Our Company, Our Team, and our parent company, Nucleus. You can also read our values here.


We go all-in with our partners

We won't call you a client. That undermines the value of our relationship.


We're methodical planners and efficient implementors

You usually can't have it both ways, but with Psyrise, you get robust actionable plans PLUS the ability to execute across the board. This keeps all of your growth needs in one place, which makes our partners' lives much less chaotic.


We're mission and vision-driven

We start at our vision of the future and work backward from there. This allows us to visualize desired outcomes and piece together the most effective plan.


We want to work with you

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